Baby Massage

Not just a brilliant way to bond with your new baby but also a useful tool to combat colic and aid restful sleep. Baby massage teaches you the techniques to help relax your baby, help with moisturising that lovely skin and to effectively manage common complaints like colic, constipation and sleep issues. It's also beneficial to mother as well as the act of massaging is relaxing. 

You can choose whether to join a class and meet other new mums, get a group of friends together and have some private sessions or have a 1 to 1 session with myself. 

Whilst titled baby massage, the techniques shown can be used on older children. My daughters love a good massage! It can be incredibly helpful to promote relaxation, particularly as part of a bed time routine. Foot and head massage can also be learnt to help parents maintain a positive, physical connection to their child and to help with communication between parent and child. 

When it comes to what oil is best, I recommend light olive oil and will provide it during sessions. However, it's really up to you! You could use baby oil, bio oil, coconut oil - so long as it's gentle, it's up to you.


Private one off session: £30

Private 2 hour session for up to four: £15 per person (additions need to be agreed beforehand)

Class with up to ten: TBC (waiting for venue to confirm)

Leanne Martin

Massage Therapist

Phone: 07772002577



By Appointment Only


Therapy will be conducted in your home and can be done at a time to suit you.

Please contact for current availability.

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