About Me

I love making people feel good. 

I'm a mother of two very lively girls, I've trained as a lawyer, been a teacher and a part time counsellor. 


My journey with massage began with baby massage for my first daughter and developed from there. I loved how connected to my baby it made me feel. It also helped deal with colic and what felt like never ending sleepless nights! After that I branched out into adult massage for relaxation and to help with sports injuries.


I also work with the disabled and other groups to help promote the idea of positive touch. A lot of disabled people need personal care but it can feel the exact opposite. Massage offers the option of touch purely for relaxation. It can also be a wonderful tool for parents and carers of children with SEND - my own daughter responds wonderfully to massage techniques in stressful situations. I'm happy to work with men, women, children - I believe massage can be a powerful tool of communication as well as healing. 


I look forward to working with you whatever your needs, to help you relax and refresh in your own home. 

Conditions for providing massage therapy:


  1. This is a therapeutic service only

  2.  ​A medical and consent form must be completed before treatment commences.

  3. You must have a space big enough to fit the table and myself in.

  4. Any inappropriate behaviour will result in therapy being terminated and will not be resumed. 

  5. Payment must be received before the treatment. 

What I Provide:

  1. Fully insured for personal and public liability

  2. First aid trained

  3. Industry standard equipment and oils

  4. Qualifications in Massage Therapy and Specialist Massage Therapy 

  5. Flexibility of timings for bookings

  6. Properly cleaned and maintained equipment 

Leanne Martin

Massage Therapist

Phone: 07772002577



By Appointment Only


Therapy will be conducted in your home and can be done at a time to suit you.

Please contact for current availability.

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